MLR-001 The Cavestompers!/Organs — Garage Split 7″

The Cavestompers / Organs - 7" split

Дебютный релиз лейбла Magnetic Loft Records сомвестно с Chickpea Records. Две гаражные банды из Москвы и Нью-Йорка. Sold Out.

The Cavestompers!/Organs — Chickpea Records Presents 2 Great Garage Bands 7″ Split: Vol.2

The Cavestompers! side recorded live at Plastic Cave Recordings in Moscow. Mastered by V. Markov at Magnetone Studio.

Organs side recorded by Ben Greenberg at Python Patrol Studios and mastered by Colin Marston at The Thousand Caves Studios in New York City.

The Cavestompers / Organs - 7" split

The Cavestompers are one of more well-known Russian garage bands. Their sound consists of 60’s organ-driven garage/beat with psychedelic elements.

Organs are Brooklyn’s «Kings of Bluesy Trash.» Their raw stripped down garage punk sounds drive from a love of American roots music and are fuled by angst riddled heartache and youthful aggression.

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